The Handmade Ceramics

The Handmade Ceramics



This bespoke range is 100% hand-made, hand-drawn, and fired in a kiln three times (for 108 hours in total), by Tom.


Each plate can take days to draw, and weeks to produce.

  • Tom sculpts and moulds the clay, transforming it into a plate.

  • The plate is left to slowly dry out for approximately two weeks (if the process is too quick, the clay will crack).

  • Tom sculpts and sands down the plate, which is then fired in a kiln for 36 hours, with temperatures rising to 1060 degrees.

  • He then draws on the design (with an underglaze pencil), which can take days to complete.

  • The artwork is given its second firing, at the same temperature (for a further 36 hours) to set the drawing.

  • Once the plate has cooled, it's glazed by Tom.

  • The artwork is returned to the kiln for a final 36 hour firing, with temperatures rising to 1200 degrees C.

Please note that the handmade plates can be used, but are not suitable for dishwashers, ovens or microwaves.


For further images and videos on the production process, please go to Instagram @Tom_Rooth

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